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About me:

Karina Minera Reyna

My name is Karina Minera Reyna. I am from Guatemala and live in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala´s second largest city.

I have a degree in Marketing and Advertising and obtained various diplomas for teaching Spanish to foreigners.

From my first class in 2005 until today, I have always loved the experience of meeting people from other countries and cultures. The last 4 years I have been working with volunteers, from East and West-Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

I have also worked as a trainer in the area of mathematics and language for primary education teachers administered by the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. In 2011 I trained a group of teachers how to teach Spanish grammar, in a Spanish school located in Pachaj, Cantel, Quetzaltenango.

My passion is teaching Spanish, my goal is to create fun and learnful classes. According to my students, my lessons are very dynamic, flexible and interesting.

Skype classes:

Skype classes offer you the possibility to learn Spanish from the comfort of your home or office with a professional teacher who has eight years of experience. It is a perfect solution for those students that cannot travel to a Spanish speaking country to attend a full immersion program.

What does Uno a Uno Spanish offer?

How does it work?

Other services:

Conversation Classes

These classes are the best option to improve your level of real life conversation in Spanish and your listening comprehension, to be able to speak Spanish fluently in different real life situations. During these classes, various materials will be used, from photos and illustrations to audio, video and different texts that serve as a starting point for the verbal interaction between student and teacher. Also, if you wish, you can learn or review certain grammatical aspects.

Document corrections

Uno a uno Spanish offers correction of documents, presentations, exams, exercises, etc. For more information about the procedures of document corrections and prices, please contact us: unoaunospanish@gmail.com


Uno a Uno Spanish translates documents: Dutch – Spanish, English – Spanish, and vice versa. For more information about the procedures of document corrections and prices, please contact us: unoaunospanish@gmail.com

Classes in Quetzaltenango:

Why should you study Spanish in Quetzaltenango?

If you`re thinking about traveling to Guatemala, then Quetzaltenango is the best choice to learn and practice your Spanish. Quetzaltenango, also known as Xelajú or Xela, is the second most important city in Guatemala, located at 200 kilometers Northeast of the capital city, Guatemala city. Xela is situated in a mountainous valley in the western highlands of Guatemala. It is famous for its culture, history, nature, traditions, lots of volunteer opportunities and vibrant nightlife.

Uno a Uno Spanish offers private classes in Xela, with the goal of a full immersion in the Spanish language and the Latin-American culture and natural beauty.

Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

We offer:

  • One-on-one Spanish classes of 60 minute or more.
  • Divided in different sections like: conversation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and understanding.
  • Guatemalan teacher with Spanish as her first language.
  • Personalized service, according to your individual level.
  • Schedules adaptable to your needs.
  • Educational material.
  • Get to know the Guatemalan life and culture.
  • Improve your daily Spanish speaking skills in shops, restaurants, markets, etc.
traje indígena Traje indígena

For more information about classes in Quetzaltenango, please contact us: unoaunospanish@gmail.com

Guatemala Volcánes en Guatemala


Skype Classes &
Conversation Classes
1 Class $12
5 Classes (per hour) $55 ($11)
10 Classes (per hour) $100 ($10)
20 Classes (per hour) $180 ($9)

Document corrections, Translations, Classes in Quetzaltenango: For a detailed offer please contact us via unoaunospanish@gmail.com

Payment Options:

Option 2:

Direct transaction to a Dutch Rabobank account (this is free of charge for transactions within the European Union), or direct payment to a Guatemalan Banco Industrial account. The account number will be send to you with the confirmation letter


Uno a Uno Spanish

Quetzaltenango, Gutatemala C.A

Karina Minera Reyna
Skype Name: unoaunospanish
eMail: unoaunospanish@gmail.com


The material used during the classes, will be send to the student by e-mail, before each class and in some occasions after class when it`s necessary to review certain points. On this page you will find various links to resources that can help you for your Skype class. But you can also use them to reinforce your Spanish.


Pete Brugger, England:

"I was lucky enough to be able to take classes with Karina twice a week for about six months, but I wish I could have had more lessons for a longer period! With lessons really tailored to any specific problem Karina felt I had, or an area that I wanted to work on, I was able to improve my Spanish rapidly and get beyond just “survival/backpackers Spanish” to a good level of fluency – from zero to hero. Mil gracias Karina!"

Annemarie Brons, The Netherlands:

"Learning Spanish was a big challenge but Karina made me feel relaxed from the first time we spoke. Our lessons were fun and flexible, so I didn´t feel rushed and I was surprised at how fast I progressed through the program. We worked all the grammar, untill ´subjuntivo´, which (for me) is the hardest part – but with her patience we managed! Even though I don´t take classes anymore we still keep in touch, Karina is great!"

Nicole Pflock, Germany:

"Karina teaches Spanish with commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism. The classes are a great mix of grammar, exercises, reading comprehension and extension of vocabulary and conversations about various topics. With all the exercises Karina always pays special attention to the pronunciation and grammatical errors so that she can adjust and prepare the next lessons regarding your own weaknesses and your priorities or special wishes. That way learning objectives are achieved as quickly as possible. Karina speaks Spanish very clear and from the beginning I had no problems understanding her. Classes were always a lot of fun and even if I had lack of motivation, Karina, with her open and inspiring character, managed to motivate me. Overall, I can highly recommend Karina (whether for beginner or advanced learners) as a Spanish teacher."

Anna, Germany:

"I just had very basic knowledge of Spanish when I started classes with Karina. With one hour every day for about two and a half months we covered all the grammar including the subjunctive. We repeatedly exercised the differences of ser and estar Foto Anna.jpgwhich gave me some trouble and had a lot of conversation exercises, but most of all we had a great time doing it. At last she even managed to learn me the pronunciation of the Spanish “r”. I was quite sad when I stopped classes with her. She is a wonderful teacher who knows how to modify her classes to everyone’s lingual troubles and needs. Muchas gracias, Karina."

Maike Holderer, Germany:

" 2007 i arrived my first time to Guatemala. And fortunately I met Karina in Xela, Quetzaltenango to have spanish clases. My spanish had a very low level at the time and very quickly, thank to the spanish clases of Karina, I could speak fluently and understood nearly everything. I realy liked the clases because Karina always teachs you during normal conversations. So, we talked about a lot of topics, in my case a lot about the situation of Guatemala and living there. So I learned a lot about the culture and the country talking about it and at the same time Karina teached me the gramma of the spanish language. I know many people who took clases with Karina and i know that everybody was realy happy and satisfied. Karina is able to adjust to her students in the highest mass. She adapts to all sorts of topics and interests and quickly finds out where much learning is needed....and beeing patient!"